The education group represents some of the most well respected and established businesses in the field, working for companies that deliver information and services to public, private, and for-profit schools. This includes e-learning, testing and assessment, and others throughout the K-12, higher-ed, and corporate and professional training markets.

As technology has transformed classrooms, campuses and virtual learning environments around the world, our Education Technology & Services team has gained unique insight into the field and its key players and investors. The team partners with technology and technology-enabled companies driving change across all areas of education, from pre-K and K-12 to higher education and corporate learning, offering a full range of strategic advisory and capital services. With a solid network of industry relationships and vast knowledge of software, services and transaction processing business models, our team of seasoned senior bankers appreciates and understands the unique challenges and dynamics of selling into the education sector.

Education Technology & Services Subsector Expertise

  • Learning Management / Classroom Technology
  • Marketing, Enrollment & Fund raising
  • Student Information Systems & ERP
  • Payments & Commerce



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